Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few words on Ryan Dunn

     I know he got into his car while under the influence.  I know he drove too fast, and I know another person was killed due to his mistakes.  Those are all very sad things.  However, it didn't take me long at all to get completely fed up by all of the hostility I'm seeing thrown at Dunn. 
     The man died. DIED. He left a whole lot of people behind who miss him terribly, including not only those very close to him, but a ton of fans.  I, for one, feel almost like I've lost a friend.  Dunn was always my favorite of the CKY/Jackass crew, and the fact that I've watched him for so many years made the news of his death truly, deeply sadden me.
     He made a few very grave mistakes, and I won't condone them.  Still, how many of you have never gotten into a car after drinking?  Personally, I'm not that stupid.  Sadly, however, too many people have at least once, if not regularly behaved in such a way.  The irresponsibility is terrible, but if it was a relative or friend of yours who was involved in such a tragic accident, you probably wouldn't be throwing "he deserves no sympathy" comments their way.  The the very, very least, think of Dunn's friends, and particularly the family that has been faced with this loss.
     I really just wish that for the sake of empathy and class, some people would hold in their angry, closed-minded comments and think of the people affected.  Sure, some of them might be individuals who've gained celebrity by shoving items up their asses or putting their dicks in compromising positions for the sake of LOLs, but in the end they're all still people, with families and friends who love them. 

                                                 Party on, Dunn. I will truly miss your Jackassery.