Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I know! I suck!

     It has literally been an entire summer since I last posted.  I am ashamed.  It's just....have you ever had one of those summers (or falls, or springs) that fly by way too fast?  The ones where you feel like you've been extremely busy and have missed out on a ton of things, with nothing to really show for it in the end?  Yeah, it's been one of those summers.
     Weddings, Otakon, what else?  I scored a job at Bertucci's, just quit said job, and am currently on the job-prowl.  I had an interview, and I should probably find out the outcome this week.  I think I'm pretty good, though.  I've completely neglected much out-of-the-ordinary cooking (much less blogging about cooking) for the past couple of months, and I hate that.  I guess working has cut into the time I otherwise woulda been spending exploring food, and lack of funds for exploratory ingredients hasn't helped.  To be honest, neither has Reddit.
     Now, I'm back in school.  Everything in life seems to be settling back into place, and I'll definitely have more free time.  Forgive me, and let the fall of cooking/blogging begin!