Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hummus expiriment = success

      The other day I was bored and hungry, and since I've got about, oh, TOO MANY cans of chickpeas hanging out in the kitchen (all intended for several batches of hummus that I simply hadn't gotten around to making.  I forgot about them, and they piled up), I decided to try something new.  My mom has pretty much an entire bush of basil growing out in our back yard, and I'd never heard of basil hummus, and so I decided to invent it.  Likely not the first person, but who cares.
     I'm still playing around with an ingredients ratio for hummus that I like best, but this one definitely turned out to be one of the best batches I've made. Excited? Oh, was I. I got off work earlier than usual tonight, and since nobody's home and I don't know what to do with myself I think I'm gonna devote a big chunk of the night to playing around with some recipes.

PS- the chips in the photo are lentil chips.  If you haven't seen them in stores, they're sort of a new fad- chips made of lentils, garbanzos and aduki beans.  They're pretty healthy, and actually pretty good! Went perfectly with hummus.  I'll be buying more, fer-sure.

Well hi!

I'm just a girl making my way through college, finding myself, and aspiring to eventually become a food writer. My interests lie heavily in natural foods, along with natural healing, natural...just about everything. Yeah, it can get obnoxious...  
     So, if I'm ever gonna be an official food writer (or any kind of writer for that matter), I figure I'd better get started. That's pretty much why I've decided to dedicate a blog to my perspectives on food- cooking it, eating it, buying it, you name it.  Food is definitely in the top three of my biggest, most important passions.  When food combines with writing, they form an awesome force that is basically the basis of my, ya know...SOUL.  So here goes, I can't wait to start documenting my thoughts/recipes/disasters/photos/whathaveyou, as unremarkable as they may sometimes be :D