Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

     I know, it's been AWHILE since I've posted.  Life has been a little crazy this past few weeks- quitting my job, looking for a new one, weddings, end-of-semester craziness, spring cleaning, etc. I haven't really had the time to cook consistently (especially things that I care to admit to (TJ's mac and cheese with BRIE, anyone?)), and have had even LESS time to lurk muh blogs.  I'll be back on track really soon, promise! Also, wish me luck finding a new job soon! Otakon's coming up!! :o


  1. Good luck with finding a new job. I hope you find something that you really enjoy!

    I've been pretty busy myself and have been lacking on the blogs too. I think it's just that time of the year....everyone seems to be super busy. :o)

  2. Thanks, I hope so, too! haha

    Yeah, it seems like there's a ton going on everywhere right now.