Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

     Last night, I went on a confectionery rampage and churned out cream cheese truffles and cake until 3:30 AM, including the time it took to wrap the candies up all pretty in little tins for mine and my boyfriend's families.  So tell me why this morning I still felt like baking.
     I have some time before I hafta get all clean and ready to go to my Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner (tradition is beautiful), but not TONS of time, so I decided to go for snickerdoodles to bring with me along with the truffles that aren't terribly awesome-tasting, but are very pretty.  My family is probably gonna ask me why I'm trying to set them up on a blind date with diabetes.
     I wasn't gonna use a snickerdoodle recipe that needed shortening.  I hate shortening. I hate cooking it and I hate [knowingly] eating it.  I dunno. So yeah, one batch is cooling, one is still baking. My cookies don't usually turn out very ideal, texturally-speaking. We'll see.

                                                    Happy carb-crashing, everyone! Tell your families I said hi!

UPDATE: The cookies are freaking awesome. That's all. 

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