Sunday, December 19, 2010

And speaking of Christmas food....

     I haven't had much time yet to make any.  BUT- there's still close to a week left! Plus however long we've got until New Years, which also counts as Christmastime! Cookies and gingerbread and other such simple watch out.  You just watch out.
     Also, anybody who knows me is aware of my sickly devotion to Trader Joe's, and I'm here to tell you all that you should really try their holiday teas.  If anybody's actually reading this, this means YOU. Cinnamon Vanilla Black Tea and Candy Cane Green.  I am serious.  I actually put their Ginger Pear White Tea on my letter to Santa.
     Now I'm going to watch my vegetables slowly shrivel to caramelized excellence and watch "The Santa Clause 2." 

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