Monday, December 27, 2010

'Twas two days after Christmas..

     ..and I have not yet met my Christmas time cooking goals.  But like I said in my last post, there's still time.  Counts 'til New Years.  And guess what- I've got 3 days off before then, which, after the past month or so, seems like a foreign and distant idea.  Also, I made a list last New Years of things I wanted to accomplish in 2010, and one of the things yet to be done is to learn to make good dolmades.  I've never tried. We'll see if there's time before Friday, or whenever 2011 begins.
     Christmas was awesome, whether I had the time or energy to cook or not.  Today I'm making up for it though.  I only worked until about three, and for dinner I had Trader Joe's puff pastry margherita  pizza and this awesome carrot blend they sell frozen (have I mentioned my love affair with a grocery store?), and now occupying the oven are a couple of orange-ricotta pound cakes.  The recipe came from Food Network Magazine, as do so many of the most awesome recipes ever.  This one in particular is from Giada. I'll letcha know how it turns out.
     OH, by the way! I got the "I Heart Trader Joe's Cookbook" for Christmas, and this awesome vegetarian cookbook from my mom, and a tea kettle from my boyfriend, just like I wanted! Can you say "badass?"

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