Friday, February 18, 2011

Hmm..fake tabbouleh?

     Today it's really warm. Like 75 degrees. And it's February.  I spent a lot of the day outside, which was awwwesoooome..anyway, I'm in the mood for food that reminds me of warm weather.  I've really wanted to make tabbouleh lately, even though I've never tried.  However, probably because I haven't looked hard enough, I haven't come across any bulgur anywhere, sooo I'm substituting quinao. I know. Me and quinao.  It's ridiculous. Oh, well..
     I think I'm also gonna throw together a nice Three Color Salad with some tomatoes and mozzarella I picked up yesterday, and an avocado I HOPE is still good. mouthwatermouthwatermouthwater.
     Oh, by the way, got an 'A' on my paper on Food Network Magazine. Win.

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