Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of those days. But worse. Yay, tea.

     I'm having a really bad, crappy day.  One of those super-contemplative, "I really need to make some big changes but for now I just wanna mope and sniffle" days.  Things are less than ideal work-wise, I'm stressing about school in a big way, and on top of everything else, I got the biggest laptop cock-tease today. 
     It's the second time I've had to have the computer shipped away to Asus.  I finally got the call today, after weeks, that it was ready to pick up from the GeekSquad people.  Ten minutes after confirming by phone that the computer would ACTUALLY work (they replaced the motherboard this time), the boy calls me back to say that actually, no, I won't be getting it back yet.  They've found more problems, something about drivers and the mousepad.  Sooo...it's getting shipped away. AGAIN. Expedited, he said, but it will still probably be over a week.  If this happens one more time, I had better be receiving a new computer. 

     For now, I'm just trying to calm my nerves.  Tonight is free, and so it tomorrow, but I can't shake this stressyness.  My boyfriend being sweet to me, this YamaMotoYama Jasmine Tea, and some free time to get creative with these vegetables in the fridge are my only saving graces right now.  And perhaps Teen Mom 2. 
     On the subject of these veggies, maybe one of you can help me-
     I've got this eggplant, see, and I like roasting eggplant, a lot.  But I can never seem to get that perfect, browned, mushy consistency that I find at, say, Bertucci's.  Granted, I don't have a brick oven.  I've tried all sorts of ways.  Tried in foil, not in foil, grilled first, salted, not salted, lots of oil, not lots...you get the point.  I'm stumped. 

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