Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy day coconut conundrum

     Today is pretty blah.  No school, no work. And while this is greatly appreciated, and even though I should be doing homework, I'm feeling that boredom feeling where you know you're bored because you're not doing anything, but you don't actually FEEL like doing anything.  Usually, this would be when I cook up something crazy and ambitious and possibly hyper-healthy.  Problem is, I'm not freakin' hungry! What's that about..
     Also, I've got this coconut.  I bought it because it was 99 cents at H-mart.  It's just been sitting on the dining room table for a week waiting to be turned into something awesome, yet I've done nothing. Tonight should probably be the night for this coconut to try at glory.  I'm thinking about trying to put together some kind of rice pudding with it, but I'm really lazy right now, sooo...anyway..
     By the way, the falafel came out...well, like I told my Dad when he asked, "fal-AWFUL." Then I proceeded to laugh like a maniac.  I took way too much creative license with this pretty simple food, especially since it was my first time both cooking and eating it.  Lesson learned.  Example- I didn't have any fresh herbs on hand other than some dried mint, so I used spinach instead.  And I threw some chestnuts in the mix, among some other unlikely ingredients.  Plus I baked them.  Really, if they hadn't come out so dry, they would have been pretty alright. 

     I should mention that my laptop, finally, was sent back to Asus yesterday and hopefully it'll be back in with me within a couple of weeks, FIXED.  This means that I can post more often, post BETTER posts, and actually include more of my own photos.  This is very important. If anybody was wondering (which nobody was, because nobody reads this but me), that is the explanation for my stark lack of visuals.

     Good luck, coconut..

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