Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay dinner, "Fried" okra, and SEVERE OVEN-BURNS D:

     Dinner tonight was sub-par-  roasted veggies, grilled plain smoked tofu, and a (actually really good) mixture of tomato, avocado, TJ's marinated artichokes, home-made croutons, fresh garlic, feta and dill.  Ok, actually it was awesome, and I really should have just made that dinner alone.  I should really just eat this every day. Hmm. 
 For dessert, I topped a piece of bread with Nutella, sliced apple, crushed cardamom and cinnamon, and then stuck it under the broiler for a few minutes.  Eet was gooood.  The Nutella soaked deep down into the bread while the bottom still stayed crunchy, and something about the warm apples went really nicely with the sesame seeds coating the crust.
The photo is yellow, I know.  But now for the AWFULNESS!  Upon hurriedly attempting to give my vegetables a stir before they stuck desperately to their foil, I moved my right arm just a BIT too ambitiously and burned the SHIT out of my inner-elbow on the partially-open oven door.  It hurt. like. a. bitch.  The pain has dulled a bit after several hours (and a nice rest on a bag of frozen edamame), but still, I feel like such a victim D: Just look!
The burn is actually worse than the photo makes it look, I assure you.  Send some pity to my daft, culinary burn-prone ass, won't you?  Don't make me take photos of my caramel scar!

     Moving on. Or rather, moving backward.  Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to an awesome coaster-nerd meet-up at Hershey Park,  and we ate lots of junk-food, and he had to drive home because I was coming dangerously close to falling asleep early on in the 1.5 hour drive home.  So, needless to say, no cooking.  Saturday, during the crazy rain, we went out for food.  Sooo, no cooking then either.  But I DID manage to try something new on Friday.
     I've had this package of frozen okra sitting around in the freezer from my recent okra phase, and I basically really just wanted to make it go away.  I thought I'd try breading it with panko and cayenne (and nothing else), figuring the slimyness miiight just function like a good eggwash.  Even after crushing the panko up real nice, it only stuck a little well.  Oh well, what can ya do.  Anyway, although sorta naked, they did brown somewhat nicely.  Too bad I keep ruining food for some reason with cayenne pepper, no matter how miniscule the amount.  Why do I do that? 
By the way, I apologize deeply for the crappy quality of the photos on this post.  For starters, my camera did not cost several hundred dollars.  Also, because of the weather recently, the lighting in the kitchen has been worse during the day than it is even at night.
     I had the okra with some nice roasted eggplant, mushrooms and yellow peppers and dolmas from Trader Joe's.  The dolmas were DEFINITELY the highlight of the meal.
     Hopefully I'll be fulfilling my goal of making my own dolmas fairly soon.  Ok, no more typing.  Time to watch me some Harry Potter too late at night.  Peace, people.

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